4Amanda.org Provides Financial Relief to Cancer Patients and Families


www.4Amanda.org Provides Financial Relief to Cancer Patients and Families

Roanoke, Virginia – February 21, 2024 (USANews.com) – A cancer diagnosis is one of the most devastating life events that patients and their families face. The emotional toll is immense, but the financial challenges that coincide with treatment are often just as crippling.

The cost of cancer impacts nearly every financial decision from the moment of diagnosis. Where to live, what to drive, what to eat and drink, utilities, education and childcare, holidays, and so much more. The burden can be overwhelming.

That’s where #4Amanda.org comes in. This IRS tax exempt public charity (EIN 874778431) provides emergency financial assistance to cancer patients and their families. Whether it’s helping with medical bills, transportation costs, or everyday expenses, #4Amanda.org is dedicated to providing relief during this difficult time.

“We understand the financial strain that a cancer diagnosis can bring,” said Dan Hubbard, Director of #4Amanda.org, and Amanda’s surviving spouse. “Our goal is to alleviate some of that burden so that patients and their families can focus on what’s most important – beating cancer!”

Through donations and fundraising efforts, #4Amanda.org is able to provide much-needed support to those facing the challenges of cancer. The organization is committed to making a difference in the lives of those affected by this disease.

For more information on #4Amanda.org and how you can support their mission, visit their website at www.4amanda.org.

Dan Hubbard
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